Pekingese Requiring Homes

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Pekingese Dogs Needing Homes in the USA

Senior Pekingese Needs a Home - Eaton, Ohio

June 12th: I have an 11 year old Pekingese male who needs a home. He is AKC registerd and all black with a little white on the tips of his paws, belly, and a white beard. He needs a home that care care for him properly as I am disabled an no longer can. He has cataracts in both eyes (so his sight is failing) and needs dental work. It breaks my heart to let him go but I do not have the means to give him the medical care he needs. He is a very sweet dog who loves nothing more than to play with his ball ball. He has never ever nipped or growled at a person and very rarely barks. However, he does not do well with other male dogs who are territorial. He needs someone who will love him and can afford his care. I knowing that he needs to go to the vet and there is nothing I can do about it. It wouldn't take more than a few hundred to get him back to health. His father lived to be 18 so he still has a lot of life to live. We are located in Eaton Ohio. 15 minutes from the Richmond IN border and 45 minutes from Dayton Ohio. If you are looking to safe a good dog, this is your chance. For more information please e-mail
Area: Eaton, Ohio.

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Page updated: July 12th: 2019
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